7 Paint Colours to Consider When Selling Your Home

First impressions are everything when selling your home. A buyer may ask questions about house maintenance, the condition of your appliances or the quality of your neighborhood and schools, but these factors pale in comparison to the feeling a buyer gets the first time he or she steps into your home. If you want to sell your house in a short amount of time and with minimum hassle, it’s critical that the decor is up-to-date and attractive. Read on to learn about 7 colours that may put visitors in the buying frame of mind.  If you are having trouble visualizing the colours in your space you can use tools like the Sherwin Williams ColorSnap visualizer to see the potential impact on your home.



You can’t go wrong with white. White is one of the safest, and most popular colours, to paint the exterior. White soaks up the light in a shady yard, and is also very clean and fresh-looking. One of the nice things about white is that you can paint the trim with a bright colour that makes the entire house really pop. If the outside of your house looks weather-beaten or if there’s any sign of mold growing on the lower clapboards, then you should paint the exterior. The first thing a potential buyer sees is the colour of the house – and in real estate, first impressions are everything.


Beige is also a safe, neutral, light color to paint the exterior of a home. A beige house can be considered as a conservative choice and can definitely blend in well with wooded or landscaped areas. Although you might think beige can be dull and boring, it will take on some of the attributes of the trim color, especially greens. However, be careful, because beige might not be the best choice for all types of homes. When picking an exterior colour, remember to consider the type of house it is. For example, beige might not work on Victorian homes, where bolder hues would make the interesting architectural details pop.


Earth tone colours like oranges, browns, and blues suggest a natural and inviting ambiance that is appealing to buyers. When it comes to interior colours, Earth tones depict the colours in nature, which are warm and inviting colours most popular for living rooms, dining rooms, and other entertainment areas. Because Earth tones tend to be somewhat flat and muted, (meaning that they’re soothing and relaxing) they work well with most other tones and colours. Earth tones also compliment rooms with a lot of wood, stone, metal or glass, just to keep in mind.


Neutral colours sound kind of boring, right? We must keep in mind here that the point is to sell your house, and not decorate it tailored to your own personal style. Most people, generally real estate agents and decorators, recommend painting the interior of your house in neutral colours simply because, it turns out that most homebuyers are a lot happier when they don’t have to spend additional money to fix it up or paint it.  For the most part, new homebuyers can live with neutral colours until they decide that they are ready to re-model/spend money on customizing every room. Granted, some people have very strong reactions to bright colours, however, neutrals will keep the “yuck” factor to a minimum.


The right shade of gray combined with bright accessories can definitely make a space look sophisticated and modern. Gray shades have gained in popularity over the last few years as go-to choices for decorators wanting to add chic, urban sophistication to their rooms. When combined with furniture and trim in light, neutral shades, a dark gray accent can become a bold focal point. In addition, the right decor and gray wall combination can work well with a handful of bright, colorful accents, such as a bright yellow lamp or metallic red chair.


If you’re going to use oranges and reds, it is important to ensure the hues are soft and appealing. Oranges and reds work especially well in the kitchen, which is the “feel-good” room of the house. It is also known that these colours make people think about food, and they also help to create a festive, vibrant atmosphere.

If you’d like to take it a step brighter to grab the potential buyers’ attention, then yellow is another great colour for the kitchen (especially if there’s a lot of sunlight streaming through the windows). Like red and orange, yellow reminds people of food. It also has a clean and airy summerlike feeling. Yellow can be combined with red or green accents on chairs and small appliances, which also helps create a playful positive mood.


Light shades of blue can have a soothing effect and are perfect in a bedroom. Blue has a strong soothing effect on many people – bringing to mind images of clear, still days or the vast sky over the lake in Muskoka. Light blue walls in a room that gets a lot of natural light, can take visitors back to a favourite experience and can affect their overall impression of the entire room.


You can think of your home’s colour palette as an important backdrop; it sets the stage for the furnishings and decorations that give rooms their unique feel. Picking the right paint is a topic that causes frustration for many, absolutely, but with this list, you’re sure to pick the right colours.

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