Real Estate Market Update – February 2018

The numbers are in, and they are not positive for the Hamilton Burlington area, but I'll try to highlight a few anyway! New listings for the month of February posted a 15 year low, and sales were the second lowest reported over the past 15years.  Seems bad! Let's look a little closer at the numbers  New listings were [...]

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Real Estate Market Update – January 2018

What a difference a year makes! Mix 2 Government interventions, a few rate increases, shake together to create low consumer confidence in the market… and voila… you have our January Statistics! Sales are down almost 12% compared to the 10yr average, Listing inventory is up, and prices are… pretty much the same as last [...]

2017 Was Quite a Year for the Brownstones!

29 Units Listed, 27 units sold, with the highest sale peaking in April at $517,000! The best statistic of all is that I was able to list 15% of the units sold, and I was involved in 11% of the overall sales in the community. This was accomplished while statistically getting my clients the [...]

Real Estate Seasonality: How the seasons could impact your sale

The weather has an impact on so many different aspects of our lives, when it comes to choosing activities, our appetites, attitudes, and of course, real estate. Whether you live in Canada and have the privilege of the four seasons or whether you live in one of the Southern States, the seasons have a [...]

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Top 7 Home Décor Trends for 2018: Retro Chic

Most people can agree that there’s no better feeling than getting home after a long day of work, right? What could possibly be better than that? Perhaps something better is being proud of the décor you’ve chosen and so your place has a look and style that suits your taste, that would be perfect. [...]

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How to Prepare Your Home for Winter in Canada

When it comes to Canadian winters, there’s no messing around – especially this year as I hear we’re in for a heck of a lot of snow! As a home owner, you are probably aware of the amount of maintenance that you have to put into your home on any given day, let alone [...]

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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Home Without a Realtor

Are you thinking about selling your home on your own to bypass all the fees? Though this may sound appealing to some people, there are quite a few reasons why you shouldn’t sell your home without a realtor. There are three main reasons people are drawn to the idea of selling their own house [...]

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8 Tips on Selling Your Home in Autumn

When you’re selling a home, it’s tough to know exactly when is the right time, but selling your home in Autumn definitely has its advantages. This decision relies on many factors and situations that homeowners may find themselves in. For example, relocating for jobs, or the contracted closing dates with the house you’re moving [...]

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Understanding Real Estate: Buyer’s Market vs Seller’s Market

Understanding the real estate market may seem intimidating at first but we are here to shed some light on the topic of buyer/seller markets. In the world of real estate, the usual pattern we notice is that when temperatures start to climb in the Spring, buyers and sellers start pushing the real estate market [...]

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Real Estate Agent VS REALTOR®

The time will come, at some point, when you decide to sell your home, but how do you know the right person to call? Do you contact a realtor, real estate agent, or a broker? Many people use these terms interchangeably but there is in fact, a difference. Do you know what the difference [...]

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