Real Estate Market Update – February 2018

The numbers are in, and they are not positive for the Hamilton Burlington area, but I'll try to highlight a few anyway! New listings for the month of February posted a 15 year low, and sales were the second lowest reported over the past 15years.  Seems bad! Let's look a little closer at the numbers  New listings were [...]

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Real Estate Market Update – January 2018

What a difference a year makes! Mix 2 Government interventions, a few rate increases, shake together to create low consumer confidence in the market… and voila… you have our January Statistics! Sales are down almost 12% compared to the 10yr average, Listing inventory is up, and prices are… pretty much the same as last [...]

Real Estate Truths With Andrew Henry – August 2017

August 2017 Market Update Here's some positive news from the August Market Statistics in the Realtors Association of Hamilton/Burlington. This may conflict with the click-bait headlines you see about the regional market.. but I'm not selling ad space, so I'll just present the truths... beware, it's mostly positive and a little boring... Reported sales [...]

Brownstone Real Estate Market Update August 2017

August 2017 Well Hello August! After a very slow and somewhat concerning three months of the summer, that only saw two of many listed Brownstones sell, August almost cleared the slate of Brownstone listings A very strong month of sales saw every Brownstone but one sold in the month of August. Many of the [...]

Brownstone Market Update June 2017

The Market has changed! June has provided a wake-up call for Brownstone Owners. It has been quite a while since we’ve seen almost every listing make it through a whole month without selling, and yet that is exactly what happened. 6 Brownstones have been listed since May, with one – YES ONE – sale. [...]

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June 2017 Real Estate Market Update

REALITY CHECK The Realtors Association of Hamilton Burlington has posted the June statistics and it all depends on how you look at the numbers. Many of the statistics are based on a 10yr average which is great, if the 10yr average was in-line with a “normal” market, which has not been the case. Many [...]

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May 2017 Real Estate Market Update

The Realtors Association of Hamilton Burlington has posted our May statistics and, for the first time in a long time, the new listings inventory is up! May set a record for new listings for the month of May, which has gone against the ongoing downward trend of new listings inventory, and if this trend [...]

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Real Estate Market Shift – May 2017

"What is happening in the Market?” Is a question I am asked all the time, and today’s market doesn’t get the typical canned answer. There has been an overnight shift in the market, although many have been slow to understand what has happened. I’ll fill you in with what is going on today… which [...]

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