Have you recently moved to a new apartment, house or condo? Are you wondering what to tackle first when it comes to unpacking and organizing your belongings? There are so many ways to do this and it totally depends on your situation and what will work for you at the time but I am definitely happy to offer a few suggestions for you to keep in mind when it comes to unpacking all your boxes and your peace of mind.


Moving Day is definitely tiring and all you can think of is having some rest when you arrive at your new home, but the truth is that there are plenty of tasks you should deal with pretty quickly. However, this doesn’t mean you should take care of everything all at once. Making impulsive decisions can result in chaos and wasted time, energy and nerves. First, unpack the essentials, and then unpack the rest, planning every step. If you want to know how to unpack after a move, keep in mind that delaying the unpacking will not do any good for you. How long does it take to unpack after a move? The time totally depends on the number of boxes you have brought to the new place and the number of people helping you. Most likely, you won’t be fully unpacked for a week or two, so it’s better to start unpacking now and arrange the mountain of boxes as soon as you can.


Assigning different purposes for each room will help you better envision how you might organize and store your belongings. Start by writing down all the different rooms in your new home. Don’t forget the bathroom, hallways, attic, basement, pantries and other storage areas. Write down the purpose of each room next to the room name, as well as any major furniture or items that will be stored in that room. Feel free to edit your list as you go as necessary, after all moving is about embracing change!


Once you have finished unpacking the essentials and all of your furniture has been settled in, unpack boxes for every room, one by one. It helps to have a vision for where everything should be placed. You can even sketch a simple plan of where everything should go. What boxes are the most important for you? It is quite common and suggested that the kitchen should be done first, for many reasons. You can start by unpacking the food, and then all of the supplies. Begin with some plates, glasses, and pots. Your kitchen should be functional, so bring out the items you use first and most often. Do your best to put everything in the right place, so that there would be no need to rearrange the items in future.


If you have labeled your boxes and know the contents of each of them, this should be an easy task. Like the kitchen, you can also unpack your bedroom first, or at the very least, prepare your bed. Dress up your bed with fresh linens, as you will probably be too tired to do this after a long day. Remove all the empty boxes so that they don’t get in your way, but don’t consider them as garbage just yet. Break down the boxes so that they can be used again, perhaps for storing items you may not wish to unpack right away or for any circumstance that may present itself in the future. Boxes can be expensive and you just spent all that time sourcing them at a reasonable price. Store them in a safe place with your other packing supplies – you’ll be happy that you did!

Once you’ve tackled the kitchen and bedrooms, it’s time to cater to the bathrooms as you never know what you might need, and quickly. Take out your toiletries, medications, towels, the shower curtain and other things you may need. When the most important things have been unpacked, you can either slow down and have some rest, or continue emptying the boxes. As I said before, it all depends on how much you can get done in a day, so there really is no exact timeline. Take your time but not too much time or you’ll begin to get discouraged.


Unpacking can be overwhelming with boxes containing everything you own… everywhere! Tackle the basic necessities in your home first so that you can properly eat, sleep and bathe. Once you have these rooms taken care of, you can focus on working on other rooms of the house, starting by first unpacking functional items or those items you’ll use on a daily basis. Functional items in place, you can now focus your attention on decorating, accessorizing, and feathering the rest of your nest in general.


The first thing people tend to do even before moving in all the boxes is to clean the entire space from top to bottom. While this is ideal for some people, others may not have the opportunity of the extra time. Whatever your schedule allows, don’t wait to clean the new place only after you have finished unpacking everything. In order to keep your new apartment or house free of debris and chaos, clean your new home regularly while unpacking. It is also a good rule to clean each room after arranging everything there.

Once you have the main essential unpacking completed, try to take some time to enjoy your new space and get to know your new neighbourhood. Set a few hours aside each day or on the weekend, so you know you’ll get the job done. If you’re still looking for a new home to move in to, contact me today!

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