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Buying real estate is exciting! And it can also be exhausting.  When you are buying a home with Andrew, his quiet confidence, and systems take the stress out of the process. By asking the right questions, Andrew will identify the right home for your lifestyle, and his experience will help you buy it. When you choose to buy real estate with Andrew, you get to focus on the joy of picking out your new home, while he takes care of the details.

As Your Buyer Representative Andrew will provide you

Professional Communication

Communication is the centre of every great relationship. Andrew’s clients enjoy a high level of communication keeping you well informed during every step of the buying a home in the real estate journey.

A Personalized Experience

Buying a home should be about you, and what is best for your lifestyle. Andrew gets to know you by creating a unique Buyer Profile, along with a personalized Buyer Plan that is applied to his successful real estate systems. Clients are often enlightened by what they learn about their preferences during this process.

Active Prospecting

Andrew doesn’t wait for the right house to come along, he proactively prospects daily for the perfect home for you. A Real Estate Agent shouldn’t just sit back and wait for the right home, you need a Real Estate Agent who will go out and find it! Buying a home isn't sitting around waiting for one to appear, when you buy real estate you need a relentless search effort from your Agent.


Andrew is an experienced Real Estate Consultant who will guide you through the Buying experience before you even see your first home. This exercise will make you familiar with how to buy real estate, removing the guess work. Andrew is a proven professional guiding you every step of the way when buying a home.

Professional Referrals

Andrew’s team of professionals will assist you through the various stages of your real estate journey. His team of Mortgage Professionals, Home Inspectors, Insurance Providers, Lawyers, Landscapers, Contractors, and Moving Professionals are simply the best at what they do. Buying a home is a team effort, and Andrew has the right team of professionals for your success.

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