Have you made the decision to upsize to a larger home? Usually you make this decision after you’ve exhausted all of your space-saving options in your current home and its still not comfortable and just not working for you and your family anymore. This is totally normal and expected because as humans, we tend to outgrow any space we occupy. When you upsize from a smaller home or condo into a spacious new home, the opportunities seem to be endless. There’s plenty of closet space, a yard for the dog, extra rooms for the kids or for the home office you’ve always wanted, a spare bedroom, or home gym you’ve always dreamed of. The possibilities really are endless. But hold on, what happens once the moving van’s gone and all the boxes are unpacked?

As exciting as it is (and will be) to officially move in, there’s a harsh reality that comes with upsizing that new homeowners face. Everything that fit so perfectly in your small house/condo, only seem to occupy a fraction of your larger home’s space. Now that you have the spare bedroom; do you have a spare bed, dressers, mirrors, lamps, or extra shelves…? The cost of filling up this space can seem overwhelming but there are plenty of things that can be done to create the illusion of fullness for good, or until you’re financially ready to complete your new home, by using what you already have.

Many new homeowners’ first instinct is to hit the discount stores and buy affordable pieces to fill the space. While budget-friendly furniture has its place, it shouldn’t make up the bulk of your new humble abode.


It’s a very exciting time, wanting to finally decorate the new home you’ve been dying to move into since you signed on the dotted-line, envisioning all of the colours, fabrics, and everything in between. It can be quite tempting to stockpile new furniture and decorations, but you must be careful in doing so because it’s an effort that can easily backfire on you. Shopping under impulse and for a space you aren’t quite familiar with can be dangerous. For example, the measurements could be wrong, or the pieces you choose could be SO trendy and new that it doesn’t match your existing style or decor profile.

Naturally, people want to fill the space, but it is important to really consider how you’re going to use it first. Ideally, you’ll want to wait until you move in, place the furniture you have already, and assess your position at that point. Don’t be afraid to buy little things here and there to spruce it up a bit and make it more ‘homey’ but you’ll want to avoid larger pieces until you’re fully ready to make the purchase. After all, you did just make a pretty large investment.


To furnish a large living room or family room in an efficient way, think about investing in a sectional couch, a nice one. Sectional sofas are classic and extremely versatile in any space. The possibilities are endless with a sectional as they can pull apart to be separate entities or put back together if you change your mind. Sectionals often have expansion pieces that you can buy later on to fill even more space, if you so decide that you need more seating or the room still feels empty. Whatever you decide, one thing is certain and that is that a sofa is always a good investment piece because it’s something you’re going to use every day. Keep in mind that not everything needs to be a statement piece, but once your new sofa is in place, find inexpensive side chairs or perhaps an antique table to repurpose as a coffee table. There are many ways to maximize your budget by doing a little work but having fun and learning a little something while saving money and having a great looking space, many things you can surely be proud of.


Furniture arrangement can make a big space seem smaller (even though this isn’t you goal right now after purchasing a bigger space) but as you take your time investing in larger pieces to fill out the area, there are quite a few things you can do at this stage in order to be more comfortable. Larger rooms can feel a little bit empty if you don’t have appropriate furniture to fill the entire area. If you notice a bit of an echo in a big room, you can minimize this by adding lavish drapes, thick rugs, and canvas wall art to absorb the sound. You can also try positioning the furniture you have away from the walls and closer to the center of the room. Area rugs are ideal for affixing furniture groups and making a space feel more ‘homey’. The great thing about rugs is that they don’t have to be expensive — even larger rugs can work with mostly any budget. Centering the rug in a room, then placing furniture on and around it, even if the rest of the room is empty, you’re starting out with a cozy spot and can build on the space from there.

Your new spaces hold such promise: extra rooms for the kids or for the home office you’ve always wanted, a spare bedroom, or home gym you’ve always dreamed of. The possibilities really are endless but remember that it’s ok to take some time to think it over. If having an empty room bothers you, just shut the door but, a word to the wise – whatever you do, don’t use that extra space as a storage room or it will never become anything else.

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